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10x6" Digital Drawing Tablet Sketch Pad With Pen

10x6" Digital Drawing Tablet Sketch Pad With Pen

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*1. Color: black 

*2. Screen size: 10*6 inches 

*3. Compatible devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers 

*4. Compatible system: Windows/Android/Apple Mac OS X 

*5. Product size: 24*36 cm 

*6. Support interface: USB 

*7. Reading speed: 233 points / sec 


*1. Support mobile / tablet / laptop and other devices 

*2. Match multiple softwares, compatible with most 2D/3D/Plan/Video/Animation software. 

*3. Mobile painting, large independent special painting area 

*4. Passive pen, no battery, no need to charge 

*5. Up to 233 points / second quick reading speed, painting lines are more consistent and smooth, not stuck 

*6. 22 smart buttons, 12 physical smart keys and 10 virtual smart keys 

*7. Professional pressure sensing, the line thickness is obviously fine, the color transition is natural

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