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3 Pack Cable Clip Management System - Assorted Colors

3 Pack Cable Clip Management System - Assorted Colors

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Don't get tied up in a tangled web of equipment enhancers. It seems like more technology means more cords for the iPhone, iPad, or laptop chargers that can become a trip hazard for you and look unsightly. This deal will help you find your balance and become better organized with a 6-piece cable clip management system. Manage all your cable clutter with the clip system that blends in with your decor. They are made of flexible but sturdy rubberized plastic and come in two color sets. They are also self-adhesive, so you don’t need to hammer them in or tie them in a knot. Just peel and stick them to your preferred surface. You can also put your pencils, jewelry, and keys. 


  • Unique design with clip style
  • Used to organize desktop clutter of TV, DVD, PC, and laptop cables neatly
  • Prevent cables from falling off a desk
  • Can be used for pencils, pens, earphones, keys, jewelry, or any other use you can think of!
  • Easily mount to a desk, wall, table & another flat surface with the permanent peel & stick backing
  • Free yourself from that wired mess
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