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Anti Theft Steering Wheel Lock

Anti Theft Steering Wheel Lock

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Give would be thief's a visible sign that you mean business and that your vehicle is secured with our high quality steering wheel lock.

Highly effective Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock. Its rugged construction and expand-ability make it an ideal match for most automobiles. The Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock installs in seconds, but provides lasting security.


  • Easy to use, one simple pull does the trick
  • Red color provides high visibility to deter thieves at a glance
  • Rubberized coating protects your vehicle's steering wheel while in use
  • Adjustable and universal design fits virtually all makes and models
  • Maximum span for this lock is 14 inches. Fully extended overall length is 26. 75 inches, collapses down to 19. 25 inches in total length
  • Includes 2 keys

How It Works

Simply insert the key, turn it counter-clockwise to lock, place the base hook in the steering wheel, pull the end hook out till it fits snug against the other side of the steering wheel, that's it!

To unlock insert key, turn clockwise and push the end hook back into the body of the unit.


To Lock: Hold The Auto-Lock in your right hand.
Carefully place the hook around the steering wheel rim.
Using your left had, extend the fork end to the other extremity of the steering wheel.
For ultimate security on four spoke steering wheels, place the hooks inside the smaller gaps.

To Unlock: Insert key in the lock by aligning notch on the key with punch mark on lock cylinder.
Turn key clockwise and push fork and towards handle of Auto-Lock.
Once Auto Lock is removed from steering wheel, turn key counter-clockwise to remove it.

Package Includes:
1pcs * Steering Wheel Lock
2pcs * Keys

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