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Calm body butter
Calm body butter

Calm body butter

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SELF CARE SUPPORT: Stress, Anxiety, Sleep... and more. 

Gentle Essential Oil-Free Formula. Made with Botanical Hydrosols instead and with the same wonderful benefits like the essential oil, but gentler.

Because it is free of essential oils, this blend is safe for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, for kids + baby, and sensitive skin. 

Your body will be thanking you for all the added benefits of magnesium as well as baby soft skin! 
Shea butter and coconut oil are so moisture rich.

Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan by PETA

organic fair trade raw shea butter
organic unrefined coconut oil 
Ancient Zechstein magnesium chloride salts
purified water
organic rose, chamomile, lavender hydrosol blend
pure candelilla wax (plant based)
olive derived emulsifying wax (non- GMO)
radish ferment leucidal sf (EcoCert Approved)

Available in 3 custom essential oil blends
Soothe: Muscle Soother
Rose: Self Care Support
Moon: Cycle Support


MAGNESIUM OIL: is amazing, hands down the most important mineral your body needs to function.  It is responsible for calming both your central nervous system and muscular system.
It’s an essential mineral that almost 80% of us are highly deficient in.  Taking it topically is the best way to absorb it, and to tell you the truth, I was so tired of taking so many vitamins… so this will knock at least one vitamin off your list like it did for me!

COCONUT OIL:  is one of the best carrier oils for you skin.  Coconut oil will help you more rapidly absorb the magnesium oil and at the same time moisturize + nourish your skin.

ROSE HYDROSOL: is a lovely product that comes from the flower petals of Rosa damascena through water-steam distillation. This process extracts all the benefits of the botanical including it’s beautiful aroma as well as promoting emotional balance + strength, heart opening, and love.


All products are vegan as well as gluten free, nut free, dairy free, egg free, chemical free, preservative free and cruelty free. 
Made in a facility where peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy and eggs are present. *Not responsible for any allergic reactions.
​These statements and products are not evaluated by the FDA. 

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