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Essager Magnetic Cable

Essager Magnetic Cable

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Essager Magnetic Cable ⚡️

Experience Superior Connectivity

Tired of cables that fray and underperform? Introducing the Essager Magnetic Cable. 🙌 With its innovative magnetic design, it's not just a cable, it's a game changer! Our Essager Magnetic Cable is designed for speed, durability, and seamless compatibility with all your devices.

In the age of technology, we understand that connectivity is essential. That's why we engineered the Essager Magnetic Cable with high-speed data transfer 🚀 and fast charging capabilities 🔋. No more waiting around for your devices to charge or data to sync.

But it doesn't stop at performance. The Essager Magnetic Cable boasts a tangle-free design and robust build quality, ensuring your cable can handle the rigors of daily use. With its versatile connectors, say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right cable - the Essager Magnetic Cable is all you need. 🎯


360°+180° Dual Position Rotation: The magnetic head can be rotated at any angle of 360°, 180° left and right direction, which is more convenient for playing hand games.
Magnetic blind plug auto-suction charging: It can be used as a dust plug to protect the charging port of the phone and prolong its life.
When the magnetic cable is accidentally driven by hand or foot during charging, the magnetic cable is directly separated from the phone terminal, which protects the phone from dropping.
Material of the core: The core is made of tinned copper, more stable charging, high-density braided wire, no knotting more strong.

Product information:
Length: 1m/2m (other lengths can be customized)
Power: 5V/2.4A
Wire gauge: 50/0.08*2C OD: 3.2mm nylon braid
Material: aluminum alloy shell, TPE environmental protection compound, pure copper core, blue LED indicator
Applicable devices: Android Micro, Apple and Type-c

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