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Heavy Duty Compact Metal Pipe & Tube Bender

Heavy Duty Compact Metal Pipe & Tube Bender

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This Product Is a Manual Pipe Bender for Bending Pipes and Cables of Various Materials. Bending Technology Is One of the Achievements of Modern Mechanical Engineering Technology. It Can Use the Bending Principle to Bend the Tube into a Certain Shape. This Kind of Pipe Bender Has a Great Effect. the Pipe Bender Makes the Pipe Bends Without Wrinkles, Which Is an Excellent Tool for Processing.


Key Features

  • Great Capacity: the Telescopic Handle Can Bends Round or Square bar Material up to 5/8" Thick with a Maximum Width of 1-15/16".
  • Multiple Uses:It Is Designed for Multiple Uses. It Can Bend Square or Solid Circular Material in Many Ways.
  • High-quality:It Is Made of Steel, Which Has High Overall Performance, Including Strong Strength, Plasticity, and Welding Performance. so It Is Durable and Has a Long Life.
  • Compact and Portable:Its Compact Form Provides for Versatility. It Can Bend Flat, Square, and Solid Circular Material in a Variety of Ways. It Takes up Little Space, so It Can Be Used As a Portable Bender.
  • Effort Saving:Its Long Handle Provides Higher Leverage and Makes the Bending Process Easier. the Lever Increases the Pressure You Apply to the Metal, Which Saves Time and Effort.
  • Wide Application: the Manual Pipe Bender Is Widely Used in Building Industry, Chemical Plant, Central Heating, Shipping, Machine Manufacturing, House Decorating, Construction Sites, Garage, and Repair Shop.
  • Easy to Operate:the Manual Pipe Bender Has High Precision and Premium Quality, Which Is Easy to Operate. You Just Need to Turn the Handle and the Pipe Will Bend Accordingly.
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