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Hydraulic 20 Ton Bottle Jack Heavy Duty

Hydraulic 20 Ton Bottle Jack Heavy Duty

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1.The lifting saddle is made of rugged steel, helping lift heavy loads securely. 
2.The hydraulic bottle jack is great for heavy lifting and auto repair.
3.The red button is a safety valve for overload protection.
4.Non-slip head cap for safe operation.
5.Extension screw allows you to adjust the lift height. 
6.This convenient hydraulic jack is very small, easy to carry, and can be easily stored in the trunk of the car.
7.This bottle jack is equipped with a professional body engineering handle, which is comfortable to use. This is very simple to use and saves effort. You can easily lift your car, check the car chassis, and finally solve all problems.
8.It is very suitable for working on cars, trailers, trucks or minibuses, and can be used to replace wheels, etc.


Type: Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Maximum Weight Capacity: 20 tonne 
Minimum Height: 20 ton: 215mm
Maximum Height: 20 ton: 410mm
Lifting Height: 20 ton: 135mm
Color: red
Item Weight: 8.1kg(20 ton)
Material: Steel

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