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990 Miles Outdoor HD TV Antenna

990 Miles Outdoor HD TV Antenna

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Are you searching for an outdoor TV antenna that can pick up long-range signals with ease? Our compact digital TV antenna is just what you need, as it was specifically designed to provide you with reliable long-range service.

Universal outdoor TV antenna mounting pole is a quick and suitable mount for adding antennas to any mounting situation. This antenna mount can be set up for roof, attic or sidewall installations. Made of high quality highly polished iron and spraying plastic material, it is durable and reliable for you use a long time.

360° CONNECTION: With its 360° connection, our outdoor TV antenna is capable of transmitting signals from every direction, ensuring that you always get a crystal-clear picture, no matter where you are.

LONG-RANGE RECEPTION: Despite its small size, our amplified TV antenna is capable of picking up signals from up to 990 miles away, making it the perfect choice for rural areas or anyone looking to boost their reception. It is capable of capturing even the weakest signals and delivering a clear view of all your favorite movies and shows.

EASY INSTALLATION: Our outdoor HD antenna comes equipped with 32 feet of cable, allowing you to place it on your roof and still have a direct connection to your indoor setup. And with its lightweight design, it's easy to handle and install, even for those with little DIY experience.


1. Working Frequency: VHF 40~300MHz,UHF 470~890MHz
2. Noise Figure: ≤2.5dB
3. Typical Antenna Gain: VHF 28~32dB,UHF 28~36dB
4. Reception Range: 990 Miles
5. Channels: 1~69
6. Impedance: 75ohm
7. Max Output Level: 105dB uV
8. Main Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz
9. Operation Temperature: -10 Degree~50Degree
10. Coaxial Cable: 10M
11. Weight: 63.85oz / 1810g

 Package Includes:
1 x Antenna
1 x Adapter
1 x Remote Control
1 x Instruction
1 x Power Box

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