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Posture Correcting Bra

Posture Correcting Bra

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Embrace the secret of female celebrities and maintain an attractive and active appearance with our Posture Correcting Bra.

This fashionable and breathable bra helps you maintain a straight posture, relieves backaches, and shapes your breasts, keeping you energetic and beautiful regardless of your work nature and age.

Tackle humpback, backache, and muscle issues affordably and fashionably with this posture-correcting bra.

Posture Correcting Bra. Shop Bras on Mounteen. Worldwide shipping available.

Why You'll Love It

  • No more posture issues: This correcting bra decreases fat layers of the back and compresses the shoulders to recover you from humpback. It also lifts breasts and gives them a perfect shape.

  • Pain-free life: In case you often suffer from backache or neck pain due to sitting long hours, this bra will give you relief. Make this a part of your daily wear apparel while working and stay free from back, neck, and shoulder pains.

  • Ultra comfortability: The soft and breathable fabric ensures pleasantly wearing this bra in summer and winter. The refined and hypoallergenic fabric-made bra cups add a touch of snugness, enabling you to wear them comfortably.

  • Adjustable design: Three hooks’ straps are stitched in this Posture Correcting Bra. They assist you in adjusting the bra to your size so that your posture can be straightened quickly.

Size chart

70A 75B 80C 85D
70B 75C 80D 90A
70C 75D 85A 90B
75A 80A 85B 90C
75B 80B 85C 90D


  • Maintain a hump-free confident posture
  • Shape up your breasts
  • Decreases shoulder & back pain
  • Soft & breathable design
  • Adjustable hook design
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