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Reusable Foldable Straw w/ Soft Silicone Mouthpiece

Reusable Foldable Straw w/ Soft Silicone Mouthpiece

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Fresh Oasis Lifestyle Drinking Reusable Folding Straws

The Only Premium Straw You Need: A collapsible straw is made from absolutely the best stainless steel material. With Fresh Oasis Lifestyle collapsible metal straw, you will always have a perfect straw to drink your beverages. It measures at 9.25” long, making it suitable for a variety of cups, glasses, and tumblers. Our eco-friendly straw is perfect for you to enjoy any cold or hot beverage.


Charcoal Portable Light Case: Our telescoping metal straw comes in a beautiful charcoal case specifically designed to keep it clean and handy. The case is lightweight in size for you to easily throw in your purse. Whenever you need a straw, simply unfold from the case and place it in your preferred drink. Fresh Oasis Lifestyle is the last straw you need on the go!

Fresh Oasis Lifestyle reusable drinking folding straws come with helpful accessories to give you the ultimate straw-sipping satisfaction. Within the Fresh Oasis Lifestyle case you’ll receive a collapsible steel brush cleaner to help keep your straw in pristine. condition at all times.

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