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Water Rocket Launcher

Water Rocket Launcher

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Refresh your summer with a water rocket sprinkler!

We present you a unique water toy - Rocket Sprinkler! This toy combines a fun cartoon rocket shape with a unique hydraulic drive system that allows kids to enjoy outdoor water play. It's perfect for hot summer days when kids can cool off and have tons of fun at the same time.

Take off into the world of water adventures with the Rocket Sprinkler!

Rocket sprinkler is not just a toy, it is a new level of water fun for kids. The launch height is determined by the tap water pressure, and it can be hung stably at a height of 1.5 meters. Children will be thrilled to watch the water spray at such a height, creating an impressive and fun effect.

Powerful water battle with Rocket Sprinkler!

The materials used in the Rocket Sprinkler, such as PP, ABS and EVA, ensure its strength and durability. This means your family can enjoy water play for many years to come. The toy comes in a colourful box, making it perfect for a gift or presentation.


The purchase of this product - Rocket Sprinkler will be a real gift for your children and the whole family! It will turn your yard into a real paradise for playing on the fresh shore.

With Rocket Sprinkler, your kids spend a lot of time outdoors. Why sit in front of screens when you can run and jump over water jets? This toy stimulates active movement and activity, which is a healthy lifestyle culture.

But it's not just for kidsRocket Sprinkler offers fun and exciting moments for the whole family. Imagine fun competitions, skill games and family-friendly water streams! Whether it's swimming in the water jets or just watching the children's fun antics, your family moments are filled with laughter and joy.

A rocket sprinkler will also help bring you closer to nature. As the children watch the game, you will notice the nearby air and calm environment. You can post something nice in the comments, spending time in nature and benefiting the whole family.

So give your kids and the whole family the chance to experience joy and fun with Rocket Sprinkler. They will be active, laugh and create memories together. This product becomes the key to fun and active family adventures that will last for years to come.

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