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2 Tier Rustic Barrel Outdoor Water Fountain

2 Tier Rustic Barrel Outdoor Water Fountain

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This Garden water feature is a great addition to your garden, made from sturdy plastic and shaped in the form of barrels.

It works by filling the bottom barrel with water, then a pump pushes the water back up and through the spout. 

The water falls to the top smaller barrel filling it up and then once full in to the bottom barrel. 

This gives a great waterfall effect with a soothing sound for you to relax while in the garden. 

This will be a great addition to your outdoor living space.

Stunning and Stylish Rustic Water Feature and Fountain

This fountain will create a rustic wooden barrel effect water feature in your garden, complete with two water barrels and a traditional style pump handle

How To Use

Simply fill the barrel with water, plug the pump in at the mains and the hidden pump then carries water up to the rustic hand pump feature; it then cascades down into the first smaller barrel and into the barrel at the bottom of the feature in a continuous cycle
This exquisite outdoor water feature has a rustic look, and the cascading water from barrel to barrel helps create a peaceful atmosphere in your outdoor spaces.
The high-pressure water pump enables the water to freely flow around the water feature and create a magical ambience in the process.
The traditional rustic wood effect etched onto the barrels has been manufactured from ultra-durable plastic that will stand up to the rigors of every season.
The beauty of this garden water feature is that it is extremely easy to assemble. The water fountain is powered from a 2.5 meter cable and will attract lots of new wildlife to your garden.
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